Foreign companies in Montenegro are guaranteed equal legal treatment as local ones. Foreign investor can operate in Montenegro either as a legal entity or as a natural person. The term “foreign investor” applies to a company that has been set up in Montenegro by a foreigner, or foreign legal entity, whose share of investment capital is higher than 25% of total capital invested.
There is no limit on the amount of capital invested in Montenegro. Foreign investors are encouraged to invest freely within any industry and to transfer all assets, including profits and dividends. Foreign investors can acquire rights to real estate, such as commercial property, office space, residential space or land for construction. All major insurance companies around the globe insure investment projects in Montenegro.

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• Politically and economically stable, democratic, multicultural multi-religious society
• Active promoter of good neighborly relations and participant in regional cooperation
• Member of NATO since June 2017
• Candidate for membership of the EU (prospective membership by 2025)
• Member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) since 2012 (party to the Trade Facilitation
Agreement – TFA)
• Member of the World Bank since 2007
• Member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 2007
• Euro (€) is the official means of payment
• Enjoying access to a market of around 800 million consumers owing to the free trade agreements
with the EU (Stabilization and Association Agreement), CEFTA, EFTA, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine
• “The Gateway to the Balkans”, thanks to its favorable geographical location at the Adriatic /
Mediterranean Sea (convenient access for trade via Port of Bar, good railway and road connection
to Eastern and Central Europe) and stimulating business environment

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Position: 41°52’-43°42’ latitude, 18°26’-20°22’ longitude
Population: 622,373 (2017 midyear est.)
Life Expectancy at birth, years: (2017) 76.7
Capital City Podgorica
Administrative division: 24 municipalities
Old Royal Capital City Cetinje
Geographic area: 13,812 km2
Length of border: 614 km
Coastline: 293 km
Length of beaches: 73 km
Climate: Mediterranean
Average number of sunny days: 240
Time Zone: GMT +1
Country code: +382
Country top-level domain: .me
.ME ccTLD of Montenegro
National Parks: Durmitor (39,000 ha), Biogradska gora (5,650 ha), Lovćen
(6,220 ha), Skadar Lake (40,000 ha), Prokletije (16,630 ha)
UNESCO heritage sites: Bay of Kotor, Durmitor National Park, Stećci Medieval
Tombstone Graveyards, Venetian Works of Defence
between the 16th and 17th Centuries: Stato da Terra
– Western Stato da Mar

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Registering a branch office Montenegro

How to establish a branch in Montenegro

In this article, I will explain the opening and important characteristics of the Montenegrin branch of foreign companies. 

Foreign companies wishing to open a business in Montenegro usually want to open a Montenegrin branch or open a representative office. Small and medium enterprises decide to register a branch in Montenegro in order to take advantage of the greater flexibility and protection of liability provided by the branch. Consider if this is the right structure for your needs. See this information related to the Montenegrin branch:


Legal Structure of a Monteengro Company

Legal Structure of a Monteengro Company

When deciding whether to incorporate a private limited liability company in Montenegro, it is helpful to understand the structure and attributes of this corporate form. This guide explains what a Montenegro company is and how it is organized. Some of the questions it will answer are: a) What is the legal status of a Montenegro company? b) What can and can’t a company do? c) Who owns the company? d) Who operates a company? eWhat is the Constitution of the company?

If you already understand the basics of a Montenegro private limited company corporate structure and simply want to know how to register one in Montenegro, please see our Montenegro Company Registration Guide which details the procedure and steps for registering a private limited company in Montenegro. But if you want an introduction to this corporate structure, please continue reading.


Annual Filing Requirements for Montenegro Companies

Annual Filing Requirements for Montenegro Companies

All Montenegro companies must follow certain legal obligations every year regardless of their size or business structure. Compared to other countries, the obligations in Montenegro are quite simple and straightforward. Still, a busy entrepreneur may forget a deadline, which can result in fines and penalties.

Therefore, it is important to understand the compliance requirements and come up with a plan to stay on top of them. The following article explains the annual filing requirements you need to fulfill to comply with Montenegro company law.


Compliance requirements for a Montenegro company

Guide to Montenegro's compliance laws

For seven consecutive years, Montenegro has topped the World Bank’s list of the best countries to do business. Montenegro’s business-friendly and easy to follow regulations are one reason for this high ranking. Compliance rules for Montenegro based companies are generally straightforward, logical and devoid of unnecessary bureaucracy – especially for small to mid-size companies. Nonetheless, if you do not follow even these simple regulations, your company can be in trouble with the authorities and it can face fines or, in serious cases, even prosecution. Therefore, it is important to understand and follow the requirements related to tax, employees, data protection and licensing that all Montenegro companies are expected to comply with.


First Steps After Company Registration

First Steps After Company Registration

First Steps After Company Registration

There are a number of obligations you must perform before you can start working. These obligations relate to regulations, such as the purchase of company seals, the establishment of statutory books, registration of taxes and permits, opening a bank account, opening an office, arranging insurance, etc.

Are these commitments complex and intimidating? In Montenegro, these tasks are very simple and can be easily performed.

We recommend that you seek the help of a specialized company.

1. Submit documents for a residence permit

Request a Residence Permit
If you are a director of a company, you are required to obtain a residence permit.

If you are interested, We can choose an appointed local resident director on your behalf – visit our services page to find out more.

2. Open Bank Account

After successful registration of your Montenegro company, you can open a corporate account in any of the largest banks in Montenegro.

Every Montenegrin bank requires the physical presence of the company’s director as part of the account opening process. If you are unable to visit Montenegro, you should find a local director. For more details, see our guide to opening a corporate bank account in Montenegro.

To start a business in Montenegro, you need to open an account in a bank. There are several well-known international banks operating in Montenegro.

To open a company account, the bank will usually ask for a certificate of incorporation, a company constitution, a board resolution approving the opening of the account, and proof of the identity of the director and other users. Every bank in Montenegro requires the physical presence of the director and other signatories.

Once you have opened a bank account, each shareholder must deposit the appropriate share capital in the initial capital of the firm.

3. Hire an accounting agency

Važno je tačno evidentirati prihode i troškove vašeg poslovanja od prvog dana poslovanja. Poreski propisi u većini Crne Gore o ovim transakcijama i tačnom evidentiranju prihoda i troškova vašeg poslovanja. Zaposlite odmah računovodstvenu agenciju i ne biste trebali odgađati. Morate imati knjigovođu za svoje poslovanje da biste mogli raditi bilo koji posao.

Alternativa uspostavljanju vašeg vlastitog računovodstvenog sustava je prenošenje ove funkcije na vanjsku računovodstvenu kuću, tako da vam za ovu funkciju neće trebati stalno osoblje; Ovo može biti isplativije.

Have any company formation related questions?

Our direct enquiry form will allow you to contact our client servicing team.

4. You may need to apply for one or more business licenses for some business activities such as:

In some industries, a business license is required before starting a business. these are the branches of insurance, banks, etc. retail, construction, hotels, restaurants, spas, medical clinics, employment agencies, travel agencies, financial services,

5. Apply for tax on goods and services (VAT)

If your company’s estimated annual income exceeds 30,000 euros, you must register for goods and services tax (VAT), which in other countries is known as value added tax or sales tax.
Companies registered for VAT should charge this tax to their customers on goods and services provided and remit that amount to the tax authorities. For additional VAT details, see our guide to VAT in Montenegro.

6. Appoint Company Secretary

The Law on Companies of Montenegro states that the company does not have to appoint a qualified company secretary.

8. Buy Company Seal

All Montenegrin companies are legally obliged to buy a stamp for the stamp of official documents. An „archive stamp“ with the name, serial number and date imprinted is also required. The documents are usually signed by the director or some other authorized person. The seal should be kept under the control of the director of the company.

9. Issue Share Certificates

A share certificate is a legal document that confirms ownership of a certain number of shares in a corporation. Certificates of shares must be issued to all shareholders of the company. Certificates will be signed by the director of the company.

Share certificates are held by shareholders and should be reissued when shares are transferred, divided, consolidated or otherwise reclassified.

10. Set up Statutory Books

Legal books are kept at the company’s headquarters. These are public documents that must be updated and made available. Statutory books contain:

  • Up-to-date information on employees in companies such as directors, auditors and secretaries; information should be named and resigned.
  • List of shareholders, how many shares they own and details of all share transfers.
  • Information on fixed or variable costs and debentures used to secure any borrowing of the company.
  • Resolutions and minutes of body meetings.

The director of your company is responsible for creating and maintaining statutory books for the company.


11. Obtain Business Insurance

You should insure the company against general liability, employee liability insurance and any special business insurance you may need. Some insurances are mandatory and others are not mandatory.

11. Hire Employees

We suggest that you use a standard employment contract that allows you to hire all your employees. You have several benefits:

  1. 1. that your agreements consistently follow the country’s employment regulations.
  2. Consistency in the employment conditions of all employees and thus reduce the chances of mistakes.
  3. Avoid discord and moral challenges among employees

Act If you have problems you can contact the Employment Act

12. Annual requirements and formalities for registered Montenegrin companies.

For more details on this, see our guide to annual application requirements for Montenegro companies.

Final Thoughts

Take care of tasks in a timely manner after registering a company. That way you won’t have any problems.

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How to get residence permit in Montenegro?

More questions? Let us guide you further

You may find these Singapore business guides useful in helping you make your decision:

How to open a branch in Montenegro

Subsidiary Company Registration in Montenegro

Online company formation in Montenegro

Guide to incorporating a local Montenegro company

Montegro company formation made easy

Selecta experienced and professional staff will be able to guide you through moving or setting-up your business in Montenegro.

With our expertise, we can assist you in setting-up your business structure right the first time.


What are the main requirements?

Following are the main requirements for setting up a Montenegro company.

Following are the main requirements for setting up a Montenegro company.

  1. A company needs to have at least one shareholder who can be a local or foreign individual or company.
  2. At least one of the directors must be a natural person, above the age of eighteen years old, and a resident of Montenegro shareholder who is a natural person can also be a director of the company.
  3. A qualified company secretary has to be appointed. The secretary must be a resident of Montenegro.
  4. Company must have a physical, local address in Montenegro.
  5. The company must have a paid up capital of at least $1.
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Representative Office Registration

Representative Office Registration

(This form is not available in Montenegro)
If your company is not yet ready to fully commit to Montenegro, Montenegro does not have the option of establishing a representative office in the country that will be used to conduct a marketing evaluation. This helps the company evaluate its business potential, overall business environment, regulatory requirements, etc., without creating a new company in Montenegro. But the office is allowed to perform a very limited range of activities and may not be worth the investment.

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Subsidiary Company Registration in Montenegro

Registration of a subsidiary in Montenegro

Easy access to European markets, low tax rates, an efficient legal system and business-friendly policies make Montenegro one of the most sought-after places to expand the business of foreign companies. There are three ways for foreign companies to register their business in Montenegro: representative office, branch or subsidiary.

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Guide to incorporating a local Montenegro company

Guide to incorporating a local Montenegro company

In this article I will explain the conditions and procedure for registration of a private limited liability company in Montenegro.

Establishing a company in Montenegro is quick, easy and without unnecessary bureaucracy. Montenegro is consistently ranked as one of the best places in the world for business. It covers the following topics:

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Low taxes in Montenegro

Low taxes in Montenegro are your new business opportunity

There are countries in which it is fully legally and safely doing business. In which much lower taxes are paid.

If you transfer your business to one of these countries, you have 30-50%  fewer costs and tax liabilities.

Transfer work to Montenegro and use extremely low taxes.

If you pay high taxes, I suggest an idea worth thinking

Your Key to Success: Low Taxes in Montenegro

Start business in Montenegro and pay the lowest tax legally and safely, without any risk to your capital

Why Montenegro?

What job can you do in Montenegro?

Your company in Montenegro can perform all the same tasks for its same clients in Croatia and abroad, who will now pay for services to your company in Montenegro.

Your client does not care where to pay for his services.

It’s important to pay for your company.

It is universal business freedom for business where you want.

Is a safe business in Montenegro?​

Yes. More and more businessmen are transferring their business due to lower taxes.

Montenegro is the only country that uses the euro and is not in the EU and is not in the system of joint tax information of EU member states.

There are 15 banks operating in Montenegro, all of which are working with the same princes as their parent banks.

Are secret information about owners?

If you do not want your partners to know that you have opened a company in Montenegro.


It’s not a problem, you can open a company in Montenegro whose data is secret.


How to do it?

Easy and fast.

In seven days you can have an active company, with which you can immediately start doing business.

You will open an active bank account for transferring and receiving money in all countries around the world.

You will open an eBanking service to control your account wherever you are in the world.


Check each new business idea

Before accepting our advice, I invite you to come to Montenegro for a day. Be our guest and personally look into the business environment.

I’ll arrange a meeting with our tax consultant.

How much can you lose?

Only air tickets for Podgorica.

Low taxes in Montenegro will help you to be successful. Move business to Montenegro. Use the lowest tax rates. Stay where you want, pay taxes in Montenegro





I am Milenko Velimirovic, Licensed Management Consultant; Owner of Business Consulting Company Select; President of the National Association of Business Consultants of Montenegro; Member of several international consulting organizations.

If you believe a company in Montenegro can help you in your business, please ask for details. We will be happy to advise.


 Mob. +382 68 355 501


Benefits for Montenegro Residency

Benefits for Montenegro Residency

Local Currency is Euro.

For getting Residency of any European Country including Schengen, person need to put huge investment i.e. minimum Euro 1,00,000/- and obligation for creating of atleast one or two jobs but in Montenegro person can get business residency by investment just Euro 5,000 onward and there is no obligation for creation of job.

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Temporary residence permit for property owners

Starting from November 3, 2015  now all foreign owners of property in Montenegro could apply for temporary residence in Montenegro.

In order to apply for temporary residence for 1 year, the property owner should fill in, sign and submit an application for temporary residence permit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All applications should be submitted in person, while the application fee of EUR 45 per person shall be paid.

The time for processing the residency application is 40 days.


Visa and residence permit in montenegro

Overview of visa regimes for foreign citizens

Mere possession of a visa does not grant the entry to Montenegro. Other legal requirements for granting a foreigner the entry and stay to Montenegro must also be met according to the Law on Foreigners (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 82/08). Visa regime between Montenegro and other countries is regulated by the Regulation on Visa Regime(“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 18/09). Visa in itself does not offer a grant of permission to work in Montenegro. Person who intends to work in Montenegro must obtain a temporary residence permit for the purpose of employment or seasonal work, on the grounds of previously issued work permit.

Types of Visas

Law on Foreigners (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 82/08).prescribes the following types of visas:
  • Airport transit ( A)
  • Transit (B)
  • Short stay visa (C)
  • Long stay visa (D)
Airport transit visa (A) may be issued to a foreigner for one or several transits through the airport international transit area, between internationals flights, without entry into the territory of Montenegro, with validity period of up to 3 months. As a general rule, a foreigner who shall not leave the international transit area in between flights at a Montenegro airport or on international flights shall not require a visa. The Government of Montenegro may stipulate that nationals of certain countries, for the national security and legal order reasons, shall require an airport-transit visa. Transit visa (B) may be issued for one, two or exceptionally several transits through the territory of Montenegro, with a validity period of up to 6 months. On the basis of a transit visa, a foreigner may stay in Montenegro for a period of up to 5 days upon each journey. Transit visa may be issued to a foreigner if he/she has secured entry into the state to which he/she is traveling. This visa may be individual and collective. Short stay visa (C) may be issued for one, two or multiple entries into Montenegro for tourist, business, personal or other purposes. Continuous stay or total duration of consecutive stays may not exceed 90 days in the period of 6 months, counting from the date of first entry. Validity period of Visa C for multiple entries is up to one year. Exceptionally this type of visa may be issued for a longer period of validity, but no longer than five year. Short stay visa may be issued to a group of foreigners (collective visa). The validity period of collective visa cannot exceed 30 days and it may be affixed to a group passport. Long stay visa (D) may be issued to an foreigner for one, two or multiple entries into Montenegro, intending to stay in the territory of Montenegro over 90 days, but no longer than 6 months in the period of one year, counting from the date of first entry. This type of visa may be granted to a foreigner:
  • intending to stay in Montenegro in order to perform business or other activities, provide advisory expert activities as agreed by the Agreement on business and technical cooperation, on a long-term production cooperation, and on transfer technologies and foreign investments;
  • coming to serve to Montenegro as a member of foreign diplomatic and consular representative office to Montenegro or an international organizations accredited to Montenegro, member of economic and cultural representative office, as well as to the members of his family, i.e. members of his household holding diplomatic or official passports.
In certain cases, a permission for temporary residence in Montenegro may be considered a long stay visa, which may be, according to Article 35 of the Law on Foreigners, granted to a foreigner intending to stay longer than 90 days in Montenegro, for the purpose of:
  1. employment and work, performing economic or business activity;
  2. seasonal work;
  3. secondary education and studies
  4. participation in student exchange programmes or other youth programmes
  5. specialisation or professional training and acquisition of practical skills;
  6. scientific-research work;
  7. medical treatment;
  8. family reunification;
  9. humanitarian reasons;
  10. other justified reasons specified by law or international agree.

Visa issuance precedure

As a general rule, a foreigner shall submit a visa application personally. In exceptional, justified cases, a foreigner does not have to apply for a visa personally, but does need to appear at the diplomatic or consular representative office once it is issued. For a foreigner who is minor, i.e. legally incapable, visa application shall be filed by a parent or his legal representative.

In addition to the visa application, the foreigner shall submit:

  • valid travel document (the period of validity of the travel document should exceed that of the visa’s by three months);
  • one color photo 35×45 mm;
  • proof of the purpose of stay in Montenegro (letter of guarantee by a physical person or letter of invitation by a legal entity, state authority inMontenegro or organizer of an international conference or event);
  • proof of ensured accommodation (receipt from a tourist arrangement, hotel or other type of accommodation reservation that has been paid in);
  • proof of possession of means for sustenance during his stay in Montenegro, as well as for return into the country where he comes from or for travel into a third state (cash, a bank account, traveler’s checks, credit cards etc.);
  • proof of the means of travel and intention to return into the state where a foreigner comes from or into a third state (a return airplane or other transportation ticket, a driving license);
  • proof of health insurance;
  • proof that the consular fee has been charged,
  • as well as other corresponding documents based on which the purpose and ensured accommodation in Montenegro can be determined
Fore more information about visa issuance procedure, see the Rulebook on visas and visa forms (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 64/09).      

If you believe a company in Montenegro can help you in your business, please ask for details. We will be happy to advise.


 Mob. +382 69 590 433


On line registration company

On line registration procedure company could be done without your presence in Montenegro:  



Quick and easy – 3 steps without travel:

You need to send us, by post, copy of your passport (page with your photo) – verified by Public notary in your country; then, the Authorization letter – verified by your Notar, too (we send you the form for that letter); and documents for opening an account for firm/company in bank in Montenegro, Podgorica (we send you that, so you could sign it).

So, all of these documents, after you sign it and do what’s needed with Public notary, you sending us by post.

Than we finish the Registration here and send you by post all papers and documents when it’s finished (of course, you send us Name of future firm. Also, predominant activity, main activity which firm will be doing.)

Service for complete registration is 950€.

If you need some more info, e-mail us:

Mob: 00382 69 590 433



If you need some more info, e-mail us 

La costituzione della società in Montenegro

Costituzione societa s.r.l. in Montenegro

Perché gli italiani fondano o acquistano società in Montenegro?

Volete scappare dalla fiscalità˙ italiana?

Tra le ragioni principali che spingono gli italiani a lasciare il paese ci sono problemi di natura professionale, ma anche una nuova pianificazione fiscale. I controlli dell’Agenzia delle Entrate si sono intensificati negli ultimi tempi per cercare di scovare i casi di trasferimento fittizio della residenza di chi intende scappare alle grinfie del fisco. In Italia la pressione fiscale complessiva  tocca il 64,8% contro il 40,6% della media europea.

Montenegro business

Siete stufi delle enormi tassi che l’Italia vi scaglia mensilmente?

Avete bisogno di un regime più cordiale e rispettoso delle società`? Allora, è il momento di scappare dall’Italia e trasferire la propria sede di guadagno in Montenegro. Questo stato, confinante con l’Italia al Nord-Est, vi offre una tassazione meno del 20-50% dei vostri ricavi totali oltre ad avere altri innumerevoli vantaggi, tra i quali una burocrazia chiara, semplice e veloce.

Da molti anni l’Europa e` stata sommersa da una crisi economica importante, che ha devastata moltissime persone. Sono proprio gli stati balcanici, che un tempo rappresentavano il sistema comunista e poco sviluppato, che stanno salvando moltissime persona da una morte economica sicura.

Come evitare l’esterovestizione delle società?

 Gli imprenditori italiani possono aprire una società all’estero senza rischiare l’esterovestizione, rispettando quanto richiesto dall’Agenzia delle Entrate:

  • L’ubicazione: sede fisica all’estero con tenuta libri sociali e contabili, tenuta di ogni prova documentale e contratto che funga da prova legale dell’effettiva gestione ed amministrazione all’estero dell’attività di business.
  • Svolgere l’attività nel Paese in cui si localizza l’attività d’impresa.
  • Tenuta di ogni verbale del CdA e di ogni biglietto di trasporto aereo o marittimo che può essere utilizzato come prova da opporre all’Amministrazione tributaria.

La cosa importante per evitare problemi è individuare in anticipo eventuali criticità della propria struttura societaria. Solo in questo modo potrete evitare noiosi e lunghi accertamenti fiscali. Per fare questo meglio affidarsi a dei professionisti esperti in questo ambito: dagli avvocati ai commercialisti.

La libertà è un diritto nell’aprire una società estera ?

Si! hai tutti i diritti nell’ aprire una società all’estero

Il regime di Libero di Stabilimento è la chiave fondamentale della democrazia

La libertà di un imprenditore di decidere di aprire la società – Azienda ove crede sia più proficuo nel rispetto delle leggi vigenti del nuovo Paese, di quello di provenienza e, della sua residenza fiscale è fondamentale.

Dovunque si decida di aprire una società all’estero per lavorare anche in Italia, ci sono delle regole fondamentali da pianificare, da eseguire, da rispettare.

There is nothing immoral about trying to protect your hard-earned money so that you and your family can reap the fruits in time.

All major international banks, all multinational corporations, and all the great of this world are they using tax havens? 

What we preach is not illegal, there is no reason for the attention of your tax administration is awake and rebuke you.

Only the actions of a criminal nature such as money laundering, tax evasion, illegal trade of weapons or drugs may interest the authorities, not the activities of law-abiding citizens seeking only to protect their assets and reduce as legally possible tax burden.

Ti sei finalmente deciso, sei stanco dell’Italia e vuoi andare via. Magari trasferendoti all’estero per cercare fortuna. E allora quale miglior soluzione se non quella di avviare una tua impresa, trasformandoti in imprenditore?

Costituzione societa s.r.l. in Montenegro

Il Montenegro e’ diventato Top bussiness destination con tasse basse. Non ci sono piu’ delle aziende offshore in Cipro, Panama, Malta… Le banche in Montenegro sono straniere ed operano secondo gli standard Europei. La valuta e’ l’EURO. Non ci sono scambi automatici di informazioni sui clienti come nell’UE.

Tutto quello che i Suoi clienti devono fare e’ di aprire un’attivita’ in Montenegro e di aprire un conto bancario e la e-banking. Possono fare la stessa attivita’ come prima. Adesso fanno gli affari tramite la propria azienda in Montenegro dove le tasse e i costi sono molto piu’ bassi. 

Pagheranno meno tasse di circa il 30-50%.  

Vi serve solo il passaporto, 1 euro di capitale sociale ed un giorno di presenza in Montenegro (per una doo – srl)

Cosa ci serve:

Nome della società.

✓ Indirizzo della società. Se non ne avete uno, ci accorderemo per fornirvi il nostro.

✓ Indirizzo della società. Se non ne avete uno, ci accorderemo per fornirvi il nostro.

✓ Scopo sociale.

✓ Se il titolare/socio è una persona giuridica, serve la visura camerale emessa da non più tre mesi(il costo per la traduzione è di circa 20€ a pagina ed è a vostro carico)

Documenti e dati necessari

Qui di seguito troverete la lista dei documenti e dei dati che dovete mandarci affinché potessimo preparare i documenti per la registrazione della società:

  1. dati personali – il passaporto scansionato del costitutore della società – del proprietario. Se il costitutore è la persona giuridica dall’estero, vi chiediamo gentilmente di leggere la Nota riportata sotto questa lista.
  2. dati personali – il passaporto scansionato del direttore della società
  3. proposta per la denominazione della società
  4. capitale di costituzione – il minimo è di 1 euro
  5. indirizzo della sede della società – l’opzione dell’ufficio virtuale è stata spiegata di seguito
  6. descrizione dell’attività prevalente della società
  7. se la società sarà soggetta all’IVA

Voi dovete trascorrere 1  giorni lavorativi a Podgorici  in cui è inclusa anche la procedura di apertura del conto bancario e quella dell’Agenzia delle entrate. Prima di venire, vi chiediamo gentilmente di contattarci affinché potessimo preparare i documenti prima del vostro arrivo a Montenegro.

Registrazione online dell'azienda

La registrazione nel Registro Centrale delle Entita Aziendali si puo’ svolgere anche senza la sua presenza in persona. In questo caso sara’ neccessaria  l’autorizzazione autenticata dal notaio nel suo Paese. Dopo del autenticazione  (con Apostille) l’autorizzazione ce la spedite per posta, il documento originale, dopo di che prepariamo la procura in base ai dati dal documento.

La traduzione della documentazione la facciamo noi e concludiamo la  procedura della registrazione nel Registro Centrale.

Finita la registrazione della societa’ Lei dovrebbe venire in Montenegro e concludere tutto in un solo giorno (l’apertura dei conti bancari e la presentazione della dicchiarazione di inizio attivita’). 

Se il Direttore e il Proprietario non e’ una stessa persona, in quel caso  il proprietario non e’ obbligato ad essere presente, mentre il Direttore si,  e deve trascorrere 1 giorno in Montenegro. 

Vi chiediamo gentilmente di tenere presente che la registrazione a mezzo della Procura richiede ulteriori costi (pagamenti) di redazione, traduzionem della stessa. I costi gli avrete nel Listino prezzi.

L’autenticazione dell’autorizzazione lo fate dal notaio + apostille.

Ricevuta l’autorizzazione la societa’ sara’ registrata in 5 giorni.

Il ns studio preparera’ la bozza della procura ai sensi della Normativa del Montenegro . Potrete cosi’ costituire la Vs nuova srl senza muovervi di casa!

Servizi bancari online

Home banking con 9 Euro/mese!

La nostra banca vi attiva il servizio di home-banking per società a soli 9 Euro al mese. Cosi potrete controllare il vostro estratto conto e pagare i fornitori da qualsiasi luogo, senza dover portare le fatture in banca e senza bisogno di scomodo hardware ma solo con una lista codici.

Per attivare il servizio la banca impiega 4-5 giorni.

Il nostro onorario per la costituzione e di soli 550 eur + apertura di un conto bancario 300 eur


Registrazione online dell'azienda

In alternativa, se i fondatori non possono essere fisicamente presenti, possono firmare la Procura Speciale presso un notaio nel loro paese e inviarcela per corriere.

Il ns studio preparera’ la bozza della procura ai sensi della Normativa del Montenegro ire la Vs nuova srl senza muovervi di casa!

I soci e il direttore, se stranieri, devono avere la residenza in Montenegro?

In fase di registrazione ne’ soci ne’ direttore devono avere la residenza in Montenegro. Il direttore straniero potra’ richiedere la residenza temporanea in seguito.

Quali sono i costi fissi che deve sostenere una srl in Montenegro?

Ogni srl deve avere almeno una posizione contributiva aperta, quindi, almeno un dipendente. Se l’unico dipendente sarà il direttore, questo dovrà attribuirsi almeno lo stipendio netto minimo di 198 euro/mese e versare un importo di 135 euro/mese per tasse e contributi, per un totale di 323 euro mensili (dati aggiornati a Luglio 2018).

Apertura dell'account nelle banche

  • Soggetti fisici: un soggetto fisico straniero può aprire un conto come soggetto fisico non residente.
  • Soggetti giuridici: una società straniera può aprire un conto come soggetto giuridico non residente.
  • Eur 300 (nostro onorario)piu i costi per le traduzioni (circa eur 15/pagina, nel caso in cui viene aperto un conto bancario societario

Sveti Stefan

Il costo delle società di gestione di contabilità

I costi per la gestione della contabilità societaria partono dai 150 euro/mese. Ogni mese il commercialista presenta la rendicontazione IVA all’Agenzia delle Entrate del Montenegro, il 15 del mese per il mese precedente. Il commercialista elabora inoltre le buste paga e il bilancio, che include lo stato patrimoniale, il conto economico e la nota integrativa.

Quali sono i costi fissi che deve sostenere una srl in Montenegro?

Ogni srl deve avere almeno una posizione contributiva aperta, quindi, almeno un dipendente. Se l’unico dipendente sarà il direttore, questo dovrà attribuirsi almeno lo stipendio netto minimo di 198 euro/mese e versare un importo di 135 euro/mese per tasse e contributi, per un totale di 323 euro mensili (dati aggiornati a Luglio 2018).

Tassazione in Montenegro

  • Imposta sugli utili  9%
  • Imposta sulla distribuzione degli utili – 9%
  • Imposta personale (irpef) – 9%
    Oneri sociali (irpef, previdenza, assicurazione malattia) – ca. 65%, ovvero per ottenere il costo azienda del personale bisogna moltiplicare netto per 1.65

Richiesta del permesso di soggiorno

Elenco elenco documenti richiesti:

– kopija ugovora
– polica policijskog osiguranja (trajna i mjesečna) 30 eura
– fotokopija putovnice
sudski slučaj (kaznena naknada) – iz Italije vidjeti tradiciju u Crnoj Gori, bez apostila
– pogled kamere vašeg crnogorskog društva – naslov
studija / diplome u Italiji (ne svi, samo na velikoj nadmorskoj visini) – da prođete s vama, pogledajte tradiciju naše u Crnoj Gori, bez apostila – nostrifikacija noi u Crnoj Gori
– potvrda o zdravstvenom stanju, bečki fatto in loco, dura poco, una formalita (pei che altro per escludere certe malattie / virus) – cijena ca. 50 eur

Durata ca. Ukupno 2 mjeseca, boravak u dnevnoj sobi (s potvrdom o prebivalištu), mjerenje fiskalnog koda s više od 6 mjeseci

Costi ed onorari:

– il direttore deve farsi pagare gli oneri sociali (previdenza e assicurazione malattia), per un costo minimo mensile di Eur 135, dunque Eur 1620/anno + un salario netto minimo mensile di eur 190
– Contabilita/commercialista: a partire da eur 100/mese, dunque ca. eur 1200
– Altri costi legati al permesso di soggiorno (bollo, tasse, notaio, traduzione, visita medica, nostrificazione diploma, nostro onorario) – ca. Eur 750
– affitto: da eur 500-2000/anno
– Rinnovo permesso di soggiorno (dal 2.anno): Eur 250 nostro onorario

Sono Milenko Velimirović, il tuo consulente aziendale


Se ritieni che un’azienda in Montenegro possa aiutarti nella tua attività, chiedi per maggiori dettagli. Saremo felici di

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How can you draw-up a residence permit in Montenegro?

How can you draw-up a residence permit in Montenegro?

Read This To Find Out Why

Keeping in mind that Montenegro is on its way to the EU, it certainly is an attractive place for doing business. Montenegro, which will soon become a member of the EU, offers very loyal conditions to the foreigners for obtaining residence permits and registration of permanent residence in this country is possible after five years of permanent residence. Citizenship can be obtained after another five years (or three, provided the marriage with a citizen of the country).


That is why those who want to reside in the EU in the long term, choose Montenegro to start.


Why Register A Company In Montenegro

Why Register A Company In Montenegro

For people wanting to start a new business, Montenegro is a smart choice.

Montenegro offers great tax incentives due to its favourable tax regime and its wide network of double tax treaties.

  • Currency : EUR
  • Government : republic
  • Unemployment rate : 14.70%

    tax in montenegro

    tax in montenegro

  • Corporate income tax : 9%
  • VAT (basic rate): 19%
  • VAT (decreased rate): 7%
  • Tax return : yearly
  • Dividend tax : 9%
  • Types of company: Limited liability company, Joint-stock company
  • Registered capital : Limited liability company, 1 EUR, Joint-stock company, 25000 EUR
  • Incorporation process duration : 7 – 14

These tax incentives together with so many other incentives offered by Montenegro, render Montenegro the ultimate international business centre of our planet!

Investors may freely transfer money into Montenegro, and freely transfer money out of Montenegro, without restrictions.

Montenegro offers a basket of incentives including the low tax on the net profits and the

Consultant Services Montenegro

Consultant Services Montenegro

double tax treaties.

We will guide you through the process of registering your company and establishing your registered identity.

Complete and submit our application form online.

In providing this information, it is our prime intention to contribute to the effort of Montenegro to become an even more successful international business centre for the benefit of foreign investors and to the Montenegro economy.

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Procedure of company formation in MONTENEGRO

Sveti Stefan Montenegro

The procedure of company formation a Montenegro

The procedure of establishment of companies from Montenegro can be completed in a maximum of one week, and that it immediately begins operation.

The company SELECTA offers you complete guidance and assistance necessary to incorporate a company in Montenegro.

The process of forming a company in Montenegro is simpler than you think, and SELECTA consulting specialized for you guides you every step of the way.

Fill out our simple form and register Montenegro online with us today.


In addition to the questionnaire to the client, you will need to send us an e-mail the following information and documents in order to begin the registration process:

  • 3 options of the Name– The recommended name must not be identical and / or similar to the name of another company in Montenegro. Furthermore, according to the law, any offensive name will also be rejected.
  • Company’s Nature– Company activities – What will be the main activities of your Montenegrin company.
  • Owners– The names and details of the beneficial owner, which may be the same as officers and / or shareholders of the company Montenegro.

The procedure is simple and fast. We describe it in stages

Step 1: Decide

Perhaps this step is the most important and the most difficult. Carefully browse our website, if you have any questions, please contact us via the contacts listed on our website. Please continue with the following steps only if you have already clarified all the issues with our help and we decided to proceed with the registration of the company in Montenegro. Respect your time and ours.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form.

The form presents the data to be processed, such as:

1 – First choosing the name of your future company in Montenegro.
2 – Determining the founding capital of companies in Montenegro. The minimum allowed amount of share capital is 1 EUR.
Step 3 –  Pay for our services

Step 3: Pay for our services

Payment for our services is divided into two parts, the first part, before arriving in Montenegro, the second part, upon arrival in Montenegro. See our price list. Take a look at the three options we offer for company registration. The scope of work to be done varies, and so does the size of the advance.

The first variant of company registration (at the price of „Start“) – before your arrival is not completed; the total costs of our services are paid upon arrival in Montenegro.

Another variant of the registration company (the price „Basic“) – we need you to find accommodation and arrange a transfer. We want to make sure that it will not work in vain, and you are really coming to Montenegro. Therefore, the subscription is 200 euros; The total price of our services to be paid on arrival in Montenegro

The third variant of the registration company (the price „Exclusive“) – add some additional services that require previous organization, especially we have to find an interpreter language. The advance is 300 euros; the total price is paid upon arrival in Montenegro.

* The payment order is relevant if you plan to come to Montenegro in person to register a company. In our opinion, this is a more suitable option for you. There is also the possibility of registering a company through a proxy. In this case, the total price is paid as a deposit.

Step 4. To register a company we need the following documents:

Certified copies of passports. It is convenient to confirm and translate them in Montenegro, because it is more complicated to do it abroad.

 If you arrived in Montenegro in person, you do not need additional documents. In the case of remote company registration, we need the approval of the company founder on behalf of the employees.

Upon completion of the preparatory phase, the company is registered in the Central Register of Business Entities of Montenegro and registered with the tax and statistical authorities. These processes, including company registration, usually do not take more than 7 days.

Step 5. Residence permit

After registering the company, we can form a package of documents to obtain a residence permit. A residence permit is issued within 30 days. You need to know the visa issue: at the entrance to Montenegro, depending on your citizenship, you have the right to stay in the country for 30 to 90 days. If your visa expires in 30 days (for example, Russian citizens), the visa expires before they receive a residence permit, you can stay for more than 30 days if you have submitted documents for a residence permit.

Step 5. Opening a bank account

The procedure of opening a bank account can be completed in 1-3 days. See procedure in more detail.

Step 6: Inform the competent inspection

The last step in the process of establishing a company in Montenegro is to inform the competent inspection body and the municipal body responsible for economic affairs.

If you need additional information, send us an e-mail at
Mob: 00382 68 355 501

Representative Office Montenegro

Representative Office Montenegro

Like in any other country, a representative office provides a presence in Montenegro, to promote your company and your products

What’s the cost of a Representative Office in Montenegro?

As usual, it depends from your goal – do you want to impress your customer with an luxurious office in downtown Podgroica? Or a virtual office is enough? However some basic rules are always true.

Knowing the  bureaucracy I strongly suggest to use a consultant if you can afford it.  Price depends but I believe that they will not charge less than Eur 500 including setup taxes.

Kotor Montenegro

Kotor Montenegro

You need a registered address in Montenegro. You can rent an office, but the law allows using a cheaper virtual office as well.


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