Temporary residence permit for property owners

Temporary residence permit for property owners

Starting from November 3, 2015  now all foreign owners of property in Montenegro could apply for temporary residence in Montenegro.

In order to apply for temporary residence for 1 year, the property owner should fill in, sign and submit an application for temporary residence permit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All applications should be submitted in person, while the application fee of EUR 45 per person shall be paid.

The time for processing the residency application is 40 days.

The following documents should be submitted:

1) Personally signed application for residency.
2) Copy of the property title deed (List Nepokretnosti) of not odler than 6 month prior to application.
3) Health insurance policy (covering minimum 30 days from the application date)
4) Proof of funds in the form of bank statement from a montenegrin bank of at least  EUR 3,650 per person per year (EUR 10 per day)
5) Personal passport with at least 1 year validity, copies of all pages
6) Proof that a foreigner has not been legally sentenced to an imprisonment of more than six months in Montenegro or in a country of origin for a criminal offense prosecuted ex officio, or the legal consequences of a conviction ceased;
7) Proof that the application fee (EUR 5+40) for temporary residence is paid 

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