Benefits for Montenegro Residency

Benefits for Montenegro Residency

Benefits for Montenegro Residency

Local Currency is Euro.

For getting Residency of any European Country including Schengen, person need to put huge investment i.e. minimum Euro 1,00,000/- and obligation for creating of atleast one or two jobs but in Montenegro person can get business residency by investment just Euro 5,000 onward and there is no obligation for creation of job.

Montenegro Citizen can travel all the EU/Schengen countries without visa and in the coming years EU may waive off the visa for foreigner also who have the temporary residency card of Montenegro to travel in any Schengen country.

Montenegro will become part of EU countries very soon.

Investor can bring any type of labour since Labour policy is not so rigid/tough like in other EU countries.

Investor can bring his or her family very easy but in EU/Schengen countries so many obligations to bring the families.

Person can get the same benefits like in EU countries in Montenegro without investment whereas in EU countries person need to investment huge type of amount for getting residency card.

Real person can get benefits of EU /Schengen countries when it will become the member of EU.

Geographically location of country is very good being adjoining to EU countries like Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, etc.

Country is very good for those people who have patience and want to take advance of EU countries after some time without huge investment.

Free Medical for foreigner

Low tax system if compared with all of EU/Russia.

Free education for schooling for foreigner if children studying in Government schools. 


If you believe a company in Montenegro can help you in your business, please ask for details. We will be happy to advise.


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