How can you draw-up a residence permit in Montenegro?

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Keeping in mind that Montenegro is on its way to the EU, it certainly is an attractive place for doing business. Montenegro, which will soon become a member of the EU, offers very loyal conditions to the foreigners for obtaining residence permits and registration of permanent residence in this country is possible after five years of permanent residence. Citizenship can be obtained after another five years (or three, provided the marriage with a citizen of the country).


That is why those who want to reside in the EU in the long term, choose Montenegro to start.

Montenegro offers you distinctive advantages compared to many other European states:

– Liberal visa regime – Montenegro is a candidate member to EU

– Foreigners and citizens are subject to same rights with regards to investments

– Dynamic economic growth and development,

– Euro – € as official and reliable currency

– Fast and easy business start-up

– Authorized capital under the laws of Montenegro may be just 1 €

– Low fees for business registration process

– Low taxation: 9% income / corporate tax, 21% – VAT

– Residence permit is provided to all business owner applicants

– Unique and close location – Just 1,5 hours away from Europe and Asia

The immigration process in other countries is much more difficult.

For example, in Germany for receiving of residence permit it is necessary to invest no less 250 000 Euros and to create no less than five workplaces.

In Hungary there are requirements to quantity of the created workplaces, and also the estimation of businFortunately, in Montenegro everything is much simpler at the moment.ess planned to creation is carried out.

In the Czech Republic since 2009 – the massive failures of the business visas, in addition, there is a requirement of minimum paid taxes. Etc.

In addition, immigration to other countries takes much longer than in Montenegro.


If you register a company in Montenegro, you are eligible for a residence permit.

Authorized capital under the laws of Montenegro may be just 1 euro (except for certain activities, such as banks, insurance companies, etc.).

You and your family can get a residence permit on the ground of registration of legal entities in Montenegro.

Residence permit , in contrast to the tourist visa – it’s not only the right to enter and stay in the country. This is – the status of a temporary resident who is allowed to live and work in the country all year round, and after several years to obtain permanent status (permanent residence and then citizenship).




Obtaining a residence permit allows foreigners to also become tax residents of Montenegro with the condition that they spend 183 days in a calendar year in Montenegro, and to enjoy one of the most favorable tax regimes in Europe with 9% personal income tax rate and 9% corporate tax rate.


If you open a firm …

We suggest you obtain a residence permit based on the registration of a legal entity in Montenegro

The application for a residence permit in Montenegro has to contain the following documents:

  • Passport and visa (you must provide)
  • Translation of passport (included)
  • Passport certificate drawn up by a notary (included)
  • Proof of a special power of attorney (included)
  • Original secondary or university level education certificate (certificate and document with grades) (you must provide)
  • Translation and official recognition (‘Nostrification’) of the qualification (EXTRA: secondary school level 150 EUR, university 300 EUR)
  • Criminal record/ criminal record of your country of citizenship for the last 6 months
  • Translation of criminal records (included)
  • Either a rental contract or proof of a house in your name (some landlords refuse to give you a contract, so if you don’t have either, Ivana can do it for you for an extra 200 EUR)
  • A Montenegrin bank account and proof that you have at least 3,650 EUR in it: 10 EUR for each day of the year, as proof that you can support yourself. (If you don’t have these two requirements, we can arrange something for you, but only through a confidential appointment)
  • Insurance (included)
  • Medical exam (included, you will be accompanied to a medical examination to see if you are fit to work)
  • Police registration (included)
  • White Touristic Card (included, proof that you have paid the tourist tax for 30 days, as legally required)
  • Formal job application to hire yourself as a manager (included)
  • In addition, no other company offers a solution if you cannot afford to put 3,650 EUR into a Montenegrin bank account.

If you buy a real estate …

The application for a residence permit in Montenegro has to contain the following documents:

– Proof of property ownership (buying/selling contract);

– A bank receipt attesting a bank deposit of 3,650 EUR into a Montenegrin bank

– Valid medical insurance covering a 30 days period; – Copies of each page of your passport;

– Certificate of no criminal record in your country of origin;

– Proof of registration with the local police in Montenegro – this is compulsory within the first 24 hours after your arrival in Montenegro;

– Proof of paying the residence permit fee of 25 EUR.

This temporary residence permit can be extended annually and can be obtained only by the following categories of owners: of houses, apartments, Montenegrin companies, hotels, restaurants and holiday homes, regardless of the value of the property or business.

Property in Montenegro gives the owner the right to apply for temporary residence. However, it is not grounds for permanent residence.

Residence permit to a foreigner for seasonal employment…

In case of granting a residence permit to a foreigner for seasonal employment, proof of secured means of subsistence, provided accommodation and provided health insurance is considered confirmation of a company or entrepreneur in which a foreigner intends to work.

Upon request for temporary stay, the Ministry of Internal Affairs shall decide within 20 days of the filing of a proper application.

According to the request for a residence permit for seasonal employment, the Ministry of Internal Affairs shall decide within seven days of filing of a proper application.

The residence permit of a foreigner to find employment and work, performing economic or entrepreneurial activity shall be issued for a period specified in the work permit. The residence permit of a foreigner for seasonal employment may be granted for a period of up to eight months in a calendar year.

Family reunification

A residence permit may get those who: Is registered as an individual entrepreneur or opens his own company in Montenegro (with registration of a legal entity). In this case a permanent residence is immediately available to the applicant and his family can join him.


Come to Montenegro for a family reunification (it’s real in case of the marriage with a citizen of Montenegro, or the spouse who is a foreigner too, arrived in the country earlier and has already received a permanent residence). Under this program, only the next of kin can come, the law spouses and children (including illegitimate) as such. At the same time adopted  children are equated with native

How many times do I have to come to Montenegro?

Company incorporation can be done within 5 days upon submission of required documentation, while temporary residence permit can be obtained within one month.

The applicant has to be present in Montenegro two times within a month: for the submission of a temporary residence request and for the receiving of the Statement of Granted Temporary Residency.

Check the visa regime ...

Montenegro’s visa policy is similar to that of the Schengen area. Citizens of Schengen countries are allowed to spend 90 days visa-free in the country while citizens of other nations need Type C visas for short-term visits and Type D visas for long-term stays.

There is a special visa regime for citizens of certain countries including Israel, Russia and the UAE. More information on visas and visa requirements for different nationalities...Send inquiry

Carefully review our site if you have questions, please contact us via the contacts listed on our site. We ask you to proceed to subsequent steps only if you have already cleared out all questions with our help, and resolve to proceed with the registration of a company in Montenegro.

It is appropriate to clarify the visa issue: at the entrance to Montenegro you, depending on nationality, have the right to stay in the country from 30 to 90 days. For those, who may be just 30 days (for example, citizens of Russia), the term of the visa will expire before they receive a residence permit, as the registration of the company and the subsequent receipt of residence permit takes longer than 30 days. But it’s not terrible, because when receiving documents for residence permit you will get the mark, allowing you to stay in the country over those 30 days, which is very convenient, since you’ll be able to come to the registration of a company already with the whole family, and with things for permanent residence.

Permanent place of residence in Montenegro

If you want to obtain permanent residence (permanent place of residence in Montenegro), you must live in the country in the status of residence permit for at least 5 years, but during this time you should not be outside the country for more than 10 months in total, or 6 consecutive months.

What is a permanent residence? In fact, it is almost citizenship. The permanent residence makes absolutely all the rights of a citizen of Montenegro, except for the suffrage.

You can apply for reception of citizenship, having lived in Montenegro for five years in the status of permanent residence.

Citizenshipin Montenegro

Naturalization procedure:

– Has reached 18 years of age;

– Has a release from foreign citizenship;

– Has been legally and without interruption staying in Montenegro for the period of 10 years, prior to the petition for admission into Montenegrin citizenship;

– Has a guaranteed residence and guaranteed permanent source of income in Montenegro of an amount that enables material and social welfare; – Has not been irrevocably sentenced in Montenegro  or a foreign state to a prison term longer than one year and for a criminal offence prosecuted “ex officio” or legal consequences of such sentence are ceased;

– Possess active command of the Montenegrin language to the level which allows basic communication;

– Poses no threat to the security and defense of Montenegro;

– Discharged his/her tax obligations.

Procedure imply that foreigner must prove Montenegrin language proficiency as well as have 10 years of legal residence in Montenegro. Moreover, the applicant must renounce his previous citizenship to felicitate oneself with Montenegrin passport. 

Over 18 years of age may exceptionally obtain Montenegrin citizenship through naturalization if this is to the benefit of the state for scientific, economic, cultural, economic, sports national or similar reasons. On admission into Montenegrin citizenship under paragraph 1 of this Article, shall decide the Government on proposal of the competent State Administration Authority, with the opinion of the State Administration Authority competent for the affairs of citizenship.


Birth on the territory of Montenegro does not automatically lead to citizenship.

Citizenship by Investment in Montenegro

We expect the Law on Economic Citizenship of Montenegro!

The government of Montenegro decided to launch its Citizenship by Investment Program, on October 1, 2018. For a limited period of three years, up to 2,000 applicants from non-EU countries will thus be able to obtain citizenship in this beautiful European country. This initiative will go a long way in assisting Montenegro to attract greater foreign direct investment and stimulate the country’s econom.


The country is a member of the United Nations, NATO and the World Trade Organization and offers one of the most attractive tax regimes in all of Europe. Furthermore, joining the European Union is on Montenegro’s current strategic agenda and it is working in conjunction with the EU on a path towards joining within the next years.


Economic passport in other countries:


The expenses for Bulgaria, if you choose a full investment option, will be around 1,024,000 EUR (512,000 EUR must be invested into government bonds to get permanent residency and another 512,000 EUR must be invested in Bulgarian business after 1 year to fast track citizenship application). Under loan option (donation or contribution) you irrevocably invest 305,000 EUR and get Bulgarian (EU) citizenship. Dominica is not really good because its passport is not visa free for Europe (with exception of the UK). Saint-Kitts is a good option especially for those clients who will be OK with visa-free access to EU-country. But if you wish to settle permanently in Europe in the future the only fast citizenship option (which is relatively cheap in comparison with Austria or Cyprus) is Bulgaria. Cyprus will require at least 2,000,000 EUR for an applicant to become eligible for fast track citizenship application; Austria will require 10,000,000 EUR.


Let us know if you need more information about Citizenship by Investment Programs or other investment options and our specialists will get back to you within 24 hours.


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