Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

What are the major advantages of Montenegrin citizenship? 

EU citizenship in the near future

Both Montenegro and the EU aim for full membership in the EU in 2025.

There is no demand for life in the country

Unlike most citizenship programs in Europe, applicants do not have to live permanently in Montenegro, not even for a day.

It’s quick to get

The application deadline is only 3 months. 

Different investment opportunities

Candidates can choose between an investment of € 250,000 to € 450,000

There are no conditions for knowing the Montenegrin language.

There is no requirement to renounce current citizenship.

Favorable tax regime

Montenegro offers one of the lowest income tax rates in Europe starting at 9% and the income tax rate is only 9%.

Possibility to visit visa-free countries

Possibility to visit visa-free countries – a total of 121 countries.

Can be passed on to future generations

It is valid for life and can be passed on to future generations

EU accession

After EU accession, freedom of life, work and study anywhere in the 28 EU Member States.



About the program

The economic citizenship program will be open for applications from Jan 1, 2019, and the scheme is limited to 2000 applications and will run for three years. Montenegro is expected to join the EU by 2025 and after that, the country becomes a part of the Schengen area. The newly launched citizenship scheme is expected to raise over 700 Euro million-plus creating jobs and raise living standards in the country.

To qualify for citizenship, foreigners qualify for citizenship by investing in real estate property in developed or under-developed areas in Montenegro.

Real Estate Development projects

Applicants must pay the following:

1. 450,000 Euro to the account of the state of Montenegro for the projects in the coastal region and Podgorica, or
2. 250,000 Euros in the northern and central region except Podgorica

Government fee

100,000 Euros government fee intended for less developed areas.

Application fee

15,000 Euros for an application for a single applicant
10,000 Euros for up to 4 family members, and
50,000 Euros for each next family member
10,000 Euros for Due Diligence
A fee will be provided

In total:

The minimum investment amount is € 550,000 if purchasing real estate in the south of Montenegro, and € 350,000 for investing in northern property.

Application Process


  • The application process will be efficient and most transparent.
  • Foreign investors must have no criminal record and will undergo due diligence and vetting process.
  • CBI scheme limited to 2000 applications and will run for a limited time of three years.
  • The names of investors who obtained citizenship through investment scheme will be published in the gazette.
  • Applicants will submit requests through an authorized agent who had previously signed a contract with the state of Montenegro.
  • Applicants will submit requests through an authorized agent who had previously signed a contract with the state of Montenegro.

Citizenship +permanent residence

Montenegro will grant permanent residency under the scheme in 3 weeks and will issue citizenship and passport after 6 months to qualified investors who meet all the criteria. The government announced this economic citizenship scheme will be designed in the house within the institutions and outside influence will not be allowed.

Montenegrin Passport

As of 2018, Montenegrin passport has visa-free travel to 123 countries (EU, Russia, Turkey, etc.)Please note this
passport has no visa-free travel to the UK, Canada, USA, etc.


To qualify for residency or citizenship, applicants must fulfill one of the investment options in addition to meeting
the following criteria:

o Be a non-EU citizen.
o Possess a valid passport or another foreign travel document.
o Submit all documents and information required under the program and successfully pass the due diligence and background verifications, including the ones relating to the source of funds used to make the qualifying contribution and investment.
o Hold no criminal record
o Apply through one of the licensed agents under the program.

Investor Options

Applicants must cover the fees for the due diligence as announced by the program administration. 

Option 1:

Od 350.000 €

  • 100.000 € – bespovratni doprinos u obliku donacije vladinog fonda
  • 250.000 € – ulaganje u nekretnine u nerazvijenom regionu (sjeverni i centralni regioni, bez Podgorice)

Option 2:

Od € 550,000

  • 100.000 € – bespovratni doprinos u obliku donacije vladinog fonda
  • 450.000 € – ulaganje u nekretnine u razvijenom regionu (jug zemlje, glavni grad Podgorica i primorski regioni)

Application Fees

Fees are based on the number of dependents, country of the region, residence and other retained services, as well as service and legal fees related to the submission of application for the main applicant and qualifying family members. The advisory fees are non-refundable and are payable in one installment.

All application fees charged by the Montenegro government and by the licensed agents are subject to change. 

Progressing Fee

For the purpose of the costs of the procedure, applicants must make payment to the program in the amount of:

  • Euro 15,000: Main applicant.
  • Euro 10,000: per qualifying dependent, for up to four dependent.
  • Euro 50,000: per qualifying dependent, for the fifth and every nest dependent

Due Diligence fee:

Applicants must cover the fees for the due diligence as announced by the program administration. 


The following table breaks down the program and application process to three stages with a total of 6 steps. Each step must be completed before continuing to the next.

STAGE 1 Qualification MONTH 1

Choose an agent licensed for the program to get qualification approval.
Collect application documents and pay processing fees

STAGE 1 Pre-approval MONTH 1-3

The file is received by the program administration. The application is reviewed for administrative compliance.Due diligence and background verification is performed.
The decision in principle is delivered .In case of approval: Applicant is invited to proceed with the contribution and the investment.

STAGE 1 Naturalization MONTH 4


Travel to Montenegro to submit residency and citizenship application and have biometrics collected.


Receive naturalization certificate (s) in Montenegro. Apply for and collect passport(s).

The Montenegrin immigration program has the following advantages:

  • A green light from banks:  No issues with opening accounts in progressive European banks.
  • Real estate is in demand . According to unofficial data, only Russian citizens have purchased more than 30,000 real estate objects in the country.
  • Possibility to obtain an E-2 visa for the US.  This type of visa is not available for citizens of China, the Russian Federation, South Africa and some others. An E-2 is a business visa that allows investors to live and work in the States. Over 41,000 E-2 visas were issued in 2018.
  • The prospect of EU accession : Montenegro is expected to join the European Union member countries in 2025.
  • Visa-free travel to 125 countries.  On the map below, you can see which Montenegrin citizens can visit without a visa, or receive a visa-upon-arrival / an e-visa:

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