Opening bank account in Montenegro

Montenegro banks do not all have the same policies to open a business bank account.

Personal presence is a prerequisite for foreign nationals to open personal and corporate accounts.

Banks in Montenegro do not participate in the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) or Common Reporting Standards (CRS) schemes at this time. If Montenegro gets its wish of joining the EU in the next decade they will have to join AEOI at that time.  That means that banks here don’t automatically report account holdings to national governments.

In Montenegro, it is not possible to open any corporate bank account for companies registered in Montenegro if the founder of such company is a legal entity / company from an offshore destination as it is for example British Virgin Islands etc.

Montenegro banks accept almost all nationality and residency clients (except clients from US and countries in UN sanctions list). 

No minimum balance is required. 


The procedure of opening a bank account is well-know, and usually consists of the following steps

Select a bank

Preparation of documents

Copy your personal and company documents

Personal visit to a bank

A personal presence of the owner or account signer is required in order to open a bank account in the Montenegro. You cannot open a bank account in the Montenegro remotely!

Account opened

Within 1-2 days the account is opened.


Document required for opening a company bank account

In order to open an account with a bank in Montenegro, the director of a company must have and submit the following documents:

Personal Identification – You will need the personal details of those involved in the business. Generally this includes owners, shareholders, partners, authorized signers, beneficial owners and directors. Each of these people will need to supply proof of identity, usually in the form of a passport with notary or apostille.

Account Signatures’ Right – If you are one of several owners you will need to show a resolution from your co-owners or board granting you the right to handle the finances of the company/open an account/control the account. If several individuals will be operating the business account then you will need to show proof of their identity. Any individual who is to have access to the account and be an authorized signatory must show proof of identity.

Certificate of Incorporation – If your company is a Limited Liability Partnership or Limited Company you will need to provide a Certificate of Incorporation verifying that your company is licensed and registered.

Certificate of Incumbency – This document lists the names of all individuals (directors, shareholders, officers etc.) involved in the company and states their role in the company, corporate office and obligation (incumbency) to the company.

Memorandum of Association – If your company is a Limited Liability Company you will need to show the bank a Memorandum of Association (MOA) which you would have received during the registration when establishing your company. The memorandum defines the relationship between the shareholders and the company setting out the Articles of Association that state how the company is to be run and owned.

Articles of Association – You will need to show the bank the documents used to register and form your company. The bank will require the Articles of Incorporation that were filed in the jurisdiction where your company was registered. This document states the purpose of your company and the role of its members.

Possible Additional Requirements when opening a Corporate Bank Account

Business Plan – Some banks may ask to see your business plan that sets out the company’s purpose and strategy.

List of customers – Occasionally the bank will ask to see a list of your company’s clients.

List of Main Suppliers – You may be asked to provide a list of suppliers or an invoice from a supplier dated within the last 3 months.

Expected Cash-flow – When opening a corporate account the bank may ask for a projection of anticipated transactions. This should give the bank a better idea of the expected monthly cash flow and credit you may need.


Take into account that the bank has the right to ask for any documents it wishes. If you choose not to supply the required documents the bank is likely to reject your application for a business account. It is best to approach the bank with as much information about your business as they may require. A corporate bank account at a respected financial institution is essential to running a successful business.

It is possible for companies in Montenegro to open more than one bank account.

To submit an application for commercial Internet banking (national and international), some banks request additional notarized passport and confirmed signature of the company’s director.

The above list is not exhaustive, perhaps there are additional documents requested by the bank while they are doing the compliance check. Definitely, the provided paper must be in English .

It is suggested that the applicant should arrange the requirements as detailed as possible in order to avoid confusion and incurred problems. Almost all banks are formed to work with transparency; therefore, the clearer information you provide, the higher rate of success your application will have.

Opening of non-resident accounts in banks for legal entities in the territory of Montenegro

For foreign companies, there are multiple advantages for opening non-resident accounts in Montenegrin banks, the main ones are:

  1. Montenegrin banks do not disclose information about their customers

Montenegro is not a member of the EU and the Euro Zone, but uses the euro currency (such countries include Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Vatican)

Opening a corporate bank account for clients has become more difficult due to tougher procedures of checking new clients. It is possible for a person to visit the Montenegro and open a company here, spend time and money, and still to fail opening an account. Moreover, you will not be informed about the reason of denial. To avoid such an outcome, contact our specialists, and we will prepare all the necessary documents in advance to open a bank account in the Montenegro. Our skilled specialists are familiar with all the aspects of the process and have the information about which company account you can open in every bank.

2. Companies in Montenegro are classified according to the degree of risk for banks.

It is important to note that each financial institution has its own specific requirements for opening a corporate bank account. This procedure requires a lot of time as well as certain expertise from an applicant. There are mandatory stages of registration, but every bank can have its unique peculiarities. That is why you should entrust this to our experts. 

3. The procedure for opening an account with the Montenegrin bank takes an average of 14 days, depending on the bank and the jurisdiction of the company.

To open a non-resident account in Montenegro for a legal entity, it is necessary at the first stage to remotely fill in the application form and send it to us via email in a scanned form, along with the company’s registration documents. After necessary checks, the bank may require additional documents.

It is necessary to submit:

  • request to open a non-resident account, which will contain all the necessary details of the legal entity (name, address, registration number, phone / fax, description of activities, etc.)
  • decision on the registration of company (original or a copy certified by the by the institutions, which are not older than three months)
  • a certified copy of the passport owner of the legal entity or the original power of attorney for the authorized directors with specimen signatures
  • power of attorney for the authorized person to be on behalf of and in the name of the legal entity to dispose of funds in the account Bank (original) and translation into Montenegrin
  • a certified copy of the passport of the authorized person (non-resident) or an ID card if the authorized person resident
  • Memorandum and Articles of Associations – original and translation into Montenegrin
  • Original form of verified signatories and notarized in Montenegro
  • Ownership structure
  • Beneficial Owner Declaration
  • Covering letter with the explanation of bussines activities of the company

If the companies did not approve the opening of a non-resident account in Montenegro, usually the management of the Montenegrin bank does not explain the reasons for the refusal.

How long bank needs to open account?

The time required to open bank account in Montenegro depends on account type (personal or corporate account), selected bank and completeness of the documents. On average it takes from one to two weeks. There is no requirement to stay in the Montenegro all this time. To open an account you need to come to Montenegro for one day only. When the bank opens account, the banker will contact you and send your account details and, after a while, would send you the access data for the Internet banking.


Of International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is mandatory for all electronic payments and receipts within and outside the  Montenegro (except for making payments through a credit card). IBAN is a unique to the account. So, you will have a distinct IBAN for each of the accounts you hold in the same or different banks. Banks are required to inform their account holders of their unique IBAN.


Why do you need a Montenegro personal bank account?

If you are a non-resident, and by that, you are a person with permanent residency in a country that is not Montenegro, or your legal entity, i.e. a private enterprise registered abroad, you can open your bank account quickly.

The only document needed to get a Montenegro bank account is a valid passport.

To open a bank account in Montenegro you will have to visit your local bank branch in person.

There are two types of bank accounts at Montenegro’s banks, which depend on the type of transaction:

National accounts, which are for making payments within Montenegro, and

International accounts, for moving money into or out of the country.

Funds you move into Montenegro will land in your international account. You’ll have to transfer money to your national account in order to pay bills or withdraw cash.

As a foreign citizen, you can open an account with your name. As a bank account holder, you can freely raise or pay in their account cash in EUR or foreign currency that is convertible into Montenegro in unlimited amounts. Also, you can receive payments to your account and perform non-cash payments and transfers, following foreign exchange regulations. 

As a non-resident, you must come to the bank’s branch and provide your passport for the opening of all these types of accounts. A worker will ask you for some extra information that is not available on your passports, such as the exact address of your home or contact information. This is how the procedure is completed, and you have opened an account in only a few minutes.

There are more bank account options for private persons: current account (to receive payments), current account (general purpose – for personal payments), savings account and foreign currency account.

Online banking

Banks in the Montenegro offer «Online banking» service for all clients. This gives you a perfect way of managing your company’s assets, no matter where you are. Moreover, online banking in theMontenegro  has multi-level protection. You can perform any financial operations online.

Contact our specialists, who will help you pick the best bank in the Montenegro  taking into account specifics of your business. To learn more, contact us by the given number by submitting an online request.

How to get a check boor and a debit card

A foreign company can issue a debit card if necessary. Debit cards have many benefits, such as conduction of any financial operations or withdrawal of cash from any ATM. Some cards have restrictions directly set by bank, so you should consult bank representatives or our specialists when having your debit card issued.

Types of bank accounts

It can be possible to open a bank account of several types in Montenegro for a registered company. There are the following:

  1. National bank account of the company, including Internet banking service and TAN Number System.
  2. International bank account of the company, including:
    • number of the account;
    • SWIFT code;
    • IBAN-number;
    • Service of Internet banking and TAN Number System.
  3. National debit card with Master Card or Visa. It is used for national payments, gives access to local ATMs, works in almost every country.
  4. International commercial VISA card.

Offshore Banking in Montenegro

Bank account in Montenegro - key features

Since 2002, Montenegro has used the euro unilaterally as its domestic currency, although it is not an official member of the euro zone.

  • Foreign currency accounts free of charge for non-residents
  • There is no requirement to provide a minimum deposit or proof of income
  • Remote access (e-banking) with token and PIN
    Lowest maintenance fees and transfers
    VISA, MasterCard debit and credit cards
  • Customer service in English, Russian and Montenegrin
    Account Opening Service in Montenegro

Montenegro is becoming an increasingly popular offshore banking destination for several reasons:

  • Montenegro has neither signed the Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Information, nor indicated a timetable for the start of automatic exchange of information.
  • Montenegrin banks offer various services to non-residents in retail banking and legal entities, both individuals and legal entities.
  • Customer knowledge procedures are simple and straightforward, banks do not need to provide documents confirming the source of money.
  • Montenegrin banks have English versions of their websites and employ English-speaking staff.

Montenegro uses the IBAN system to identify bank accounts that have facilitated international payments.

However, there are several shortcomings in offshore banking in Montenegro:

  • Banks in Montenegro have only limited offers in private banking, as well as in asset and wealth management.
  • In order to open an account, Montenegrin banks require a visit to the branch and do not allow the opening of an account via the Internet.
  • Although Montenegro only „substantially agreed“ with the FATCA Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA), all Montenegrin banks have registered to participate in the FATCA information exchange.
  • The deposit guarantee scheme in Montenegro covers only up to EUR 50,000 per bank per depositor, which is twice less than in the European Union.

Bank in Montenegro

Banking is well developed in Montenegro. Montenegrin banks offer the same services like any other banks in the world. The Central Bank of Montenegro is in charge of Montenegrin banking system, and the official currency in Montenegro is Euro (€). If you want to know more about issues like money transfers, or account opening, you can check that on the bank list below:

Bank Account Opening Fee

Choose the right Package for your business

1 Bank


2 Bank


3 Bank


  • Choice of 13+ Our unique wizard will help you choose the banks that fully meet your requirements and expectations.
  • Bank Selection Assistant Our unique wizard will help you choose the banks that fully meet your requirements and expectations. We know exactly the requirements of each bank and will help you choose only those banks whose criteria your company meets.
  • Direct Bank Introduction  We will introduce your company to the selected banks, personally to the bankers responsible for the opening of accounts.
  • Bank Account Pre-Approval    We will provide you with a Checklist of all the documents required by the selected bank. We will support and guide you in the process of obtaining the documents
  • Required Documents Support   Professional Banking Profile in full compliance with the requirements of banking KYC-procedures (source and volumes of incoming and outgoing payments, customers and suppliers, expected account balances, interest in other banking products, etc.)
  • Bank Application Forms Filling   Filling in all bank application forms, KYC questionnaires, determination of the FATCA status of the company
  • Online Identity Verification  Online identity verification and liveness check allows you to avoid a personal meeting in most cases
  • Bank Interview Support   Preparation for the Bank Interview and support during the interview
  • Online Status Tracking  You can monitor the status of your request online and discover in real-time which banks have confirmed the pre-approval of account opening.
  • Personal Account Manager   Personal Account Manager will make your communication with the banks simple and easy, helping to understand the banking „language“ and requirements.
  • Priority Lane & Fast Track   Be the first in line thanks to our special arrangements with the banks. Feel like а VIP!
  • Recommendation Letter  Letter of Recommendation drafted and signed by a renowned lawyer

100% Guarantee with Zero Risk

As with job applications, bank account opening can be smooth if you have the right guidance and know the right approach. Seeing hundreds of best practices from our clients, we are highly confident of our success rate that we do not bill you before having a green light in pre-assessment. We even offer 100% satisfaction guarantee that we offer refund in the event the final application is rejected.

✔ Hundreds of successful applications

✔ Multiple opportunities with multiple banks

✔ No travels nor upfront costs



✔ Expert guidance for better chance

✔ Billing upon successful pre-assessment by Bank

✔ Satisfactory guarantee: Refund if fail

We setup our Montenegro subsidiary from Italia knowing little about local regulations and networks. Selecta not only guided through our incorporation process but made the extra mile guiding us through the bank account opening process smoothly. Thumbs up.”

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