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Benefits for Montenegro Residency

Benefits for Montenegro Residency

Local Currency is Euro.

For getting Residency of any European Country including Schengen, person need to put huge investment i.e. minimum Euro 1,00,000/- and obligation for creating of atleast one or two jobs but in Montenegro person can get business residency by investment just Euro 5,000 onward and there is no obligation for creation of job.

Наставите са читањем

Temporary residence permit for property owners

Starting from November 3, 2015  now all foreign owners of property in Montenegro could apply for temporary residence in Montenegro.

In order to apply for temporary residence for 1 year, the property owner should fill in, sign and submit an application for temporary residence permit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All applications should be submitted in person, while the application fee of EUR 45 per person shall be paid.

The time for processing the residency application is 40 days.


Visa and residence permit in montenegro

Overview of visa regimes for foreign citizens

Mere possession of a visa does not grant the entry to Montenegro. Other legal requirements for granting a foreigner the entry and stay to Montenegro must also be met according to the Law on Foreigners (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 82/08). Visa regime between Montenegro and other countries is regulated by the Regulation on Visa Regime(“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 18/09). Visa in itself does not offer a grant of permission to work in Montenegro. Person who intends to work in Montenegro must obtain a temporary residence permit for the purpose of employment or seasonal work, on the grounds of previously issued work permit.

Types of Visas

Law on Foreigners (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 82/08).prescribes the following types of visas:
  • Airport transit ( A)
  • Transit (B)
  • Short stay visa (C)
  • Long stay visa (D)
Airport transit visa (A) may be issued to a foreigner for one or several transits through the airport international transit area, between internationals flights, without entry into the territory of Montenegro, with validity period of up to 3 months. As a general rule, a foreigner who shall not leave the international transit area in between flights at a Montenegro airport or on international flights shall not require a visa. The Government of Montenegro may stipulate that nationals of certain countries, for the national security and legal order reasons, shall require an airport-transit visa. Transit visa (B) may be issued for one, two or exceptionally several transits through the territory of Montenegro, with a validity period of up to 6 months. On the basis of a transit visa, a foreigner may stay in Montenegro for a period of up to 5 days upon each journey. Transit visa may be issued to a foreigner if he/she has secured entry into the state to which he/she is traveling. This visa may be individual and collective. Short stay visa (C) may be issued for one, two or multiple entries into Montenegro for tourist, business, personal or other purposes. Continuous stay or total duration of consecutive stays may not exceed 90 days in the period of 6 months, counting from the date of first entry. Validity period of Visa C for multiple entries is up to one year. Exceptionally this type of visa may be issued for a longer period of validity, but no longer than five year. Short stay visa may be issued to a group of foreigners (collective visa). The validity period of collective visa cannot exceed 30 days and it may be affixed to a group passport. Long stay visa (D) may be issued to an foreigner for one, two or multiple entries into Montenegro, intending to stay in the territory of Montenegro over 90 days, but no longer than 6 months in the period of one year, counting from the date of first entry. This type of visa may be granted to a foreigner:
  • intending to stay in Montenegro in order to perform business or other activities, provide advisory expert activities as agreed by the Agreement on business and technical cooperation, on a long-term production cooperation, and on transfer technologies and foreign investments;
  • coming to serve to Montenegro as a member of foreign diplomatic and consular representative office to Montenegro or an international organizations accredited to Montenegro, member of economic and cultural representative office, as well as to the members of his family, i.e. members of his household holding diplomatic or official passports.
In certain cases, a permission for temporary residence in Montenegro may be considered a long stay visa, which may be, according to Article 35 of the Law on Foreigners, granted to a foreigner intending to stay longer than 90 days in Montenegro, for the purpose of:
  1. employment and work, performing economic or business activity;
  2. seasonal work;
  3. secondary education and studies
  4. participation in student exchange programmes or other youth programmes
  5. specialisation or professional training and acquisition of practical skills;
  6. scientific-research work;
  7. medical treatment;
  8. family reunification;
  9. humanitarian reasons;
  10. other justified reasons specified by law or international agree.

Visa issuance precedure

As a general rule, a foreigner shall submit a visa application personally. In exceptional, justified cases, a foreigner does not have to apply for a visa personally, but does need to appear at the diplomatic or consular representative office once it is issued. For a foreigner who is minor, i.e. legally incapable, visa application shall be filed by a parent or his legal representative.

In addition to the visa application, the foreigner shall submit:

  • valid travel document (the period of validity of the travel document should exceed that of the visa’s by three months);
  • one color photo 35×45 mm;
  • proof of the purpose of stay in Montenegro (letter of guarantee by a physical person or letter of invitation by a legal entity, state authority inMontenegro or organizer of an international conference or event);
  • proof of ensured accommodation (receipt from a tourist arrangement, hotel or other type of accommodation reservation that has been paid in);
  • proof of possession of means for sustenance during his stay in Montenegro, as well as for return into the country where he comes from or for travel into a third state (cash, a bank account, traveler’s checks, credit cards etc.);
  • proof of the means of travel and intention to return into the state where a foreigner comes from or into a third state (a return airplane or other transportation ticket, a driving license);
  • proof of health insurance;
  • proof that the consular fee has been charged,
  • as well as other corresponding documents based on which the purpose and ensured accommodation in Montenegro can be determined
Fore more information about visa issuance procedure, see the Rulebook on visas and visa forms (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 64/09).      

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