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On line registration company

On line registration procedure company could be done without your presence in Montenegro:  



Quick and easy – 3 steps without travel:

You need to send us, by post, copy of your passport (page with your photo) – verified by Public notary in your country; then, the Authorization letter – verified by your Notar, too (we send you the form for that letter); and documents for opening an account for firm/company in bank in Montenegro, Podgorica (we send you that, so you could sign it).

So, all of these documents, after you sign it and do what’s needed with Public notary, you sending us by post.

Than we finish the Registration here and send you by post all papers and documents when it’s finished (of course, you send us Name of future firm. Also, predominant activity, main activity which firm will be doing.)

Service for complete registration is 950€.

If you need some more info, e-mail us:

Mob: 00382 69 590 433



If you need some more info, e-mail us