Procedure of company formation in MONTENEGRO

Sveti Stefan Montenegro

The procedure of company formation a Montenegro

The procedure of establishment of companies from Montenegro can be completed in a maximum of one week, and that it immediately begins operation.

The company SELECTA offers you complete guidance and assistance necessary to incorporate a company in Montenegro.

The process of forming a company in Montenegro is simpler than you think, and SELECTA consulting specialized for you guides you every step of the way.

Fill out our simple form and register Montenegro online with us today.


In addition to the questionnaire to the client, you will need to send us an e-mail the following information and documents in order to begin the registration process:

  • 3 options of the Name– The recommended name must not be identical and / or similar to the name of another company in Montenegro. Furthermore, according to the law, any offensive name will also be rejected.
  • Company’s Nature– Company activities – What will be the main activities of your Montenegrin company.
  • Owners– The names and details of the beneficial owner, which may be the same as officers and / or shareholders of the company Montenegro.

The procedure is simple and fast. We describe it in stages

Step 1: Decide

Perhaps this step is the most important and the most difficult. Carefully browse our website, if you have any questions, please contact us via the contacts listed on our website. Please continue with the following steps only if you have already clarified all the issues with our help and we decided to proceed with the registration of the company in Montenegro. Respect your time and ours.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form.

The form presents the data to be processed, such as:

1 – First choosing the name of your future company in Montenegro.
2 – Determining the founding capital of companies in Montenegro. The minimum allowed amount of share capital is 1 EUR.
Step 3 –  Pay for our services

Step 3: Pay for our services

Payment for our services is divided into two parts, the first part, before arriving in Montenegro, the second part, upon arrival in Montenegro. See our price list. Take a look at the three options we offer for company registration. The scope of work to be done varies, and so does the size of the advance.

The first variant of company registration (at the price of „Start“) – before your arrival is not completed; the total costs of our services are paid upon arrival in Montenegro.

Another variant of the registration company (the price „Basic“) – we need you to find accommodation and arrange a transfer. We want to make sure that it will not work in vain, and you are really coming to Montenegro. Therefore, the subscription is 200 euros; The total price of our services to be paid on arrival in Montenegro

The third variant of the registration company (the price „Exclusive“) – add some additional services that require previous organization, especially we have to find an interpreter language. The advance is 300 euros; the total price is paid upon arrival in Montenegro.

* The payment order is relevant if you plan to come to Montenegro in person to register a company. In our opinion, this is a more suitable option for you. There is also the possibility of registering a company through a proxy. In this case, the total price is paid as a deposit.

Step 4. To register a company we need the following documents:

Certified copies of passports. It is convenient to confirm and translate them in Montenegro, because it is more complicated to do it abroad.

 If you arrived in Montenegro in person, you do not need additional documents. In the case of remote company registration, we need the approval of the company founder on behalf of the employees.

Upon completion of the preparatory phase, the company is registered in the Central Register of Business Entities of Montenegro and registered with the tax and statistical authorities. These processes, including company registration, usually do not take more than 7 days.

Step 5. Residence permit

After registering the company, we can form a package of documents to obtain a residence permit. A residence permit is issued within 30 days. You need to know the visa issue: at the entrance to Montenegro, depending on your citizenship, you have the right to stay in the country for 30 to 90 days. If your visa expires in 30 days (for example, Russian citizens), the visa expires before they receive a residence permit, you can stay for more than 30 days if you have submitted documents for a residence permit.

Step 5. Opening a bank account

The procedure of opening a bank account can be completed in 1-3 days. See procedure in more detail.

Step 6: Inform the competent inspection

The last step in the process of establishing a company in Montenegro is to inform the competent inspection body and the municipal body responsible for economic affairs.

If you need additional information, send us an e-mail at
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