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Low taxes in Montenegro

Low taxes in Montenegro are your new business opportunity

There are countries in which it is fully legally and safely doing business. In which much lower taxes are paid.

If you transfer your business to one of these countries, you have 30-50%  fewer costs and tax liabilities.

Transfer work to Montenegro and use extremely low taxes.

If you pay high taxes, I suggest an idea worth thinking

Your Key to Success: Low Taxes in Montenegro

Start business in Montenegro and pay the lowest tax legally and safely, without any risk to your capital

Why Montenegro?

What job can you do in Montenegro?

Your company in Montenegro can perform all the same tasks for its same clients in Croatia and abroad, who will now pay for services to your company in Montenegro.

Your client does not care where to pay for his services.

It’s important to pay for your company.

It is universal business freedom for business where you want.

Is a safe business in Montenegro?​

Yes. More and more businessmen are transferring their business due to lower taxes.

Montenegro is the only country that uses the euro and is not in the EU and is not in the system of joint tax information of EU member states.

There are 15 banks operating in Montenegro, all of which are working with the same princes as their parent banks.

Are secret information about owners?

If you do not want your partners to know that you have opened a company in Montenegro.


It’s not a problem, you can open a company in Montenegro whose data is secret.


How to do it?

Easy and fast.

In seven days you can have an active company, with which you can immediately start doing business.

You will open an active bank account for transferring and receiving money in all countries around the world.

You will open an eBanking service to control your account wherever you are in the world.


Check each new business idea

Before accepting our advice, I invite you to come to Montenegro for a day. Be our guest and personally look into the business environment.

I’ll arrange a meeting with our tax consultant.

How much can you lose?

Only air tickets for Podgorica.

Low taxes in Montenegro will help you to be successful. Move business to Montenegro. Use the lowest tax rates. Stay where you want, pay taxes in Montenegro





I am Milenko Velimirovic, Licensed Management Consultant; Owner of Business Consulting Company Select; President of the National Association of Business Consultants of Montenegro; Member of several international consulting organizations.

If you believe a company in Montenegro can help you in your business, please ask for details. We will be happy to advise.


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