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Low taxes in Montenegro are your new business opportunity

If you pay high taxes, I suggest an idea worth thinking.Transfer work to Montenegro and use extremely low taxes. Your Key to Success: OPEN A COMPANY IN MONTENEGRO

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Start business in Montenegro and pay the lowest tax legally and safely, without any risk to your capital. Montenegro is not an offshore destination.

Open a company in Montenegro in 7 steps

Open a company in Montenegro in 7 steps

To start a business in Montenegro you need to have a passport, 1 € of founding share and one day in Montenegro.
In four days you have a registered company.

Taxation Guides

Taxation Guides

If you transfer your business to Montenegro, you have 30-50% less costs and tax obligations. Read more...

Immigration Guides

Immigration Guides

Montenegro offers a variety of work passes that allow foreign employees and entrepreneurs to live and work in Montenegro. Furthermore, under certain conditions, the family members of a work pass holder can also live in Montenegro by obtaining a family pass. Read more...

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In seven days you can have an active company, with which you can immediately start doing business. You will open an active bank account for transferring and receiving money in all countries around the world. You will open an eBanking service to control your account wherever you are in the world.

Start your new company with confidence. We are here to help you. It’s that simple!

As a business owner, I would love to help you bring your dreams to life.


My mission is to help as many people as I can to create a successful business and become the brightest version of themselves. I value integrity, helping others, friendship and freedom.

Milenko Velimirovic - President of the National Association of Business Consultants of Montenegro

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In order to continuously improve activities and support the development of entrepreneurship and
business in Montenegro and the needs of the economy itself, the Ministry of Economy in 2019created a new program named – Program for Improving the Competitiveness of the Economy. The new program, which consolidates the existing efforts for the development of entrepreneurship and business sector, is aligned with the Economic Reform Program for the period 2019-2021 and the Development Directions of Montenegro 2018-2021. The total budget allocated for the implementation of the Program for 2019 is € 1,640 million, while the individual amounts, as well as the manner and dynamics of the allocation of support are defined by the individual program lines.

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