Open a company in Montenegro in 10 steps

To company formation in Montenegro you must have a passport and to come to Montenegro for a 1 day to sign documentation

Most people live their whole lives in the country they were born in. And so it’s easy to see why most businesspeople base their operations in their home countries. But there are good reasons to look around the world and see if your business might be better located somewhere else.

Have a great startup idea? Looking for the best country to start business? Or, maybe you already run a successful company and looking for a most attractive jurisdiction for investment or site to set-up a branch ir even move your HQ?

But, before you can enjoy all this, you need to find the right country in which to start that business.


Montenegro is one of the most attractive countries  to start business. 

Your business starts here.

We will take you step-by-step through every aspect of starting a business.

Here are your next 7 steps to start in Montenegro:

Check the company name

Primarily, send us by email all necessary info. for the establishment of firm/company, so we could prepare documentation in advance, then when you arrive in Podgorica, all we have to do is review documents and sign and certify by Public notary.

Send e-mail the following information:

  • Name of future firm (we will check if it’s available in the register)the information needed for founder(s): Name and Surname, address, passport number
  1. info. needed for executive director: Name and Surname, address, passport number
  1. Residents of new firm can be on address of our Office, free of charge
  2. Predominant activity which will be firm deal (needed that firm has one predominant activity, but will be registered for all activities too, with which could deal equally like with predominant activity.)
  3. Initial capital – minimal initial capital is 1 euro. If you want, you can pay a higher amount (initial capital), which you deposit in bank previously, and then after registration and opening of an Account, bank will transfer money to account of the firm/company.

Preparation of documentation

By the information you send us, we will prepare documentation. 

Come to Montenegro for a day.

After we assure the documents we prepared are right, we can organize meeting for you to come to Podgorica for 1 day, to verify documents with the notary. 

What are we doing in Podgorica?

We would complete all when you come to Podgorica, organized like this:

  • One hour, to review the documents
  • One hour, to verify the documents by Public notary
  • One hour, contact with accountancy service
  • One hour, choose a bank


Company registration procedure

If we prepare all necessary, we could finish that very simply and quickly.

After that, we are waiting the registration process 5-7 days

Open a bank account

There are 13 banks in Montenegro. Choose a bank to open an account.

Complete  company formation Montenego contains:

  • complete documentation of Registration (Decision (Agreement), Statute and other forms)
  • Registration of firm at Central Register Commercial Court, Podgorica
  • tax identification number from Tax Administration (TIN)
  • VAT from Tax Administration
  • customs code from the Customs Administration
  • business and currency bank account
  • Seal of firm
  • Fees for Notary certification and Court fees

Right after the company formed Montenegro, your bank account is active so you can start with business.

Service for complete registration is 550€ + 300€ bank acount


  • Complete  company formation Montenegro service 550 EUR +350 EUR bank acount
  • Bank s electronic payment costs 30 EUR per year
  • Accounting agencies usual price is 100-120 EUR per month, it depends on the workload, we can recommend you some, and you choose best for you.

Can I form a new Montenegro company online?   Yes, you can and it is a quick and simple.

What next?

  • Find a bookkeeper
  • Request a Residence Permit – REQUIRED!


I am Milenko Velimirovic, Licensed Management Consultant; Owner of Business Consulting Company Select; President of the National Association of Business Consultants of Montenegro; Member of several international consulting organizations.

If you believe a company in Montenegro can help you in your business, please ask for details. We will be happy to advise.

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