Starting a Business in Montenegro

Find out about the various business structures available in Montenegro and how to get a venture started…

Who Can Set up a Business in Montenegro

plakataAny foreigner or foreign company can start a business in Montenegro; in general there are no restrictions.

Types of Business Structure

There are four ways for foreign individuals and entities to set up a business in Montenegro:
  1. Limited liability companies
  2. Joint stock companies (two types: closed and open)
  3. Branch or representative offices of foreign companies (the former can be engaged in commercial activities, while the latter cannot)
  4. Individual entrepreneurs (a foreign citizen can register with this status only if they have a temporary or permanent residence permit)

The Legal Process

Below is information about the legal process and procedures for setting up a business in Montenegro.

Authorities involved

  • Notary (certifies the application for registration)
  • Tax authority (where the application and other documentation are submitted for registration of a company)
  • Statistics committee (this committee assigns codes based upon its determination of the company’s activities)
    Now Is The Time To Invest In Montenegro

    Now Is The Time To Invest In Montenegro

  • Social funds (pension and social insurance)
  • Federal service on financial markets (in the case of a joint stock company because it registers the issuance of shares)
  • State registration chamber for registration of branches and representative offices

Required documents

For limited liability companies and joint stock companies:
  • Resolution of the founders to incorporate
  • Charter of the company to be founded
  • Application for state registration
  • Extract from the trade register or certificate of incorporation and charter (by-laws, articles of association) of the founding company (in case the founder is a legal entity)
  • Copy of the passport (in case the founder is a natural person)

For representative offices or branches:

  • Extract from the trade register or certificate of incorporation and charter of the foreign company
  • Resolution on the opening of the representative office or branch in Montenegro
  • Regulations on the representative office or branch
  • Power of attorney for the head of the representative or branch office

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