Online  company formation could be done without your presence in Montenegro



Who may form a company?

Almost anyone may form a company. All it takes is a little imagination and entrepreneurial spirit, and a surprisingly small amount of money. You don’t have to be a citizen or resident of most jurisdictions to start a new company. Over the internet, company formation through Startupr is normally a swift and straightforward process, letting you not only open and manage companies around the world, but do so while living elsewhere. For domestic or international customers, we offer the same low prices.

Online Company Formation in Montenegro:

quick and easy – 5 steps without travel

  1. Send us the information Company name object (= activity) name of the director name shareholder
  2. We are preparing all the documents, including the power of attorney, and then we send them to you.
  3. You just need to sign the documents and send them to me. Two documents must be signed verified with Apostille:
  •   photocopy passport
  • power of attorney
4. As soon as we receive your documents  we sign on your behalf at the notary and submit the application. 5. Within usually two weeks the commercial register will register the company.

Important: To open a bank account necessarily personally presence of.

For more information on the benefits of a online company formation using in Montenegro online services, please refer to our Limited Company registration.

If you need some more info, email us 

Mob: 00382 69 590 433

Regardless of where you are, we will help you shape your company quick and easy.

If you believe a company in Montenegro can help you in your business, please ask for details. We will be happy to advise.

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